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Informacje techniczne

Poniższa informacja przeznaczona jest dla Uczelni, które planują uruchomienie własnej instancji Dostawcy Tożsamości (IdP).

Logowanie do usług Erasmus+ jest możliwe przez udostępnianie następujących atrybutów przez Dostawcę Tożsamości:

  • Any of Persistent NameID, eduPersonPrincipalName (if the IdP support the R&S Enitity Category), eduPersonTargetedID, eduPersonUniqueId, eduPersonOrcid, subject-id, pairwise-id: The services requires to uniquely identify users throughout the student mobility process. Without some kind of unique identifier, it is not possible to distinguish between two different users.
  • cn and/or displayName and/or sn + givenName: The Erasmus process needs to know the name of the person participating in the student mobility process.
  • mail: The service needs to be able to contact the user regarding the status of student mobility process.
  • schacPersonalUniqueCode: Τhe student mobility processes require the use of a number of services, all of which are involved in different stages of the pipeline and which will need to be able to exchange data about the students who are in mobility. The European Student Identifier (ESI) is globally unique, persistent, non-targeted, protocol neutral and data transport neutral. In SAML, the ESI is transported in the schacPersonaUniqueCode attribute (as defined in the SCHema for Academia). Currently support for the ESI is being rolled out in Higher Education Institutions around Europe. If your HEI, already supports the ESI, you can release it to the ERASMUS SP Proxy using this attribute.
  • schacHomeOrganization: The student mobility processes need the to identify the Home Institution from which the user is coming from.
  • eduPersonScopedAffiliation: The student mobility processes rely on authorising access to users based on the affiliation of their members in their home organisation.


UWAGA: Szczegółowe informacje na temat obowiązkowych oraz opcjonalnych atrybutów udostępnione są na stronie